ServicesTechnical assistance and module wise expert services.

Operation and Maintenance of Power Plant

Supply of Technically skilled competent manpower.

Technical assistance and module wise expert services

Performance assessment and Technical guidance for improvements.

Shutdown Assistance.

Preventive and Predictive maintenance.

Overhauling Services.

Sourcing of boiler auxiliaries and spares.

Optimizing boiler for firing any type of fuel.

Efficient operation and optimizing the generation cost – by the Expert team.

Optimizing Maintenance cost.

Availability improvement.

Engineering review and suggestions for improvement.

Comprehensive Audit of Power Plant

Log book study of past operation of equipment.

Identification of potential improvement area of operation which will enhance operation of boiler.

Safety Interlock Checking

Performance check of critical components of boiler/ heater like, Pressure part, Coil, Burner, Fans and pumps, Refractory Furnace, Heat exchanger (i.e. APH, Economizer, WPH)

Efficiency check of the equipment.

Find out improvement areas which can either make operation safe or help improve fuel efficiency.

Detailed report with recommendations

Efficiency & performance trials

Quality summary report for implementation for better operation.

Avoids unplanned breakdowns/ Failures.

Expert services to analyze operating level of boiler.

Maintenance Services

Chear India Limited O and M contribute to ensuring a stable supply of electricity for key industrial sectors by providing high-quality maintenance services for thermal power plants.

Routine Maintenance

We inspect operating facilities on a daily basis. Any defects found are fixed immediately during operation, hence enhancing operational reliability.

Preventive Maintenance activities.

We make regular rounds to check whether the operational conditions and performance of facilities are within the design parameters and fix any defects found manner in a prompt. In accordance with an annual in- operation maintenance plan, we sustain optimal operation conditions, thus preventing failures or sudden shutdowns of the facilities.

Predictive Maintenance

We collect data of operational variables such as vibration, noise, temperature, pressure and lubrication to diagnose the condition and performance of a facility, predict time of mechanical failure, and take action before the failure occurs

Corrective Maintenance

We respond to unexpected failures that occur during operation in a timely manner in accordance with our systematic maintenance procedures

Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning and Re- Commissioning

We participate in the startup phase of a power plant, which is the last phase of the construction process that takes place 12 months prior to completion, to ensure integrity of facilities for commercial operation. We conduct preventive inspections to efficiently maintain the installed machinery before commercialoperation. We also assist testing of systems and machinery and perform emergency rehabilitation of machinery and electric, instrumentation and control facilities during the startup phase.

Providing require manpower expertise for flawless commissioning of power plant.

Posses pool of manpower to mobilize in no time and undertake round the clock commissioning activities.

Review of Punch points and attend the same.

Modification and Rehabilitation

Life Extension and Performance Improvement.

We examine aged facilities for defects and analyze their life spans with professional methods such as vibration diagnosis and non-destructive testing of rotors and stators, metal inspection and oil check of machinery. We provide services for life extension and performance improvement that helps maintain facilities in an efficient manner.

Dismantling Power Plant Facilities.

System Improvement and Rehabilitation.


* Independent Company with engineering expertise.
* Single point responsibility for performance.
* Quick mobilization of Manpower and stabilization of power plant / boiler.
* Optimizing the consumption of fuel, spares, consumables, water, etc
* Providing entire plant services under one roof.
* Our team has Expertise in operating CFBC, AFBC, PF, HRSG, WHRB &traveling grate type boilers of ThyssenKrupp, CHEEMA, Thermal systems,Thermodyne, Veesons, etc
* Expertise in coal handling plants, ash handling plants & watertreatment plants.
* Maximum plant availability, better utilization of equipment’s andschedule maintenance of power plants / Boilers for reliable operation.
* Flexible and responsive to owner requirements.
* Ability and willingness to guarantee performance.
* Able to provide qualified personnel at highly competitive rates.